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About Our lodge and campsite


A welcome view to Ruhondeza Campsite


With a view to die for and set next to the river, Ruhondeza Lodge & Camp Site looks directly at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest; so close that sometimes you can see gorillas from the grounds on the mountainside opposite. Lush vegetation and an emphasis on being ecologically aware it is an ideal place to spend a night….. or more. Close to the start of the gorilla trekking and Buhoma village but nestled in a quiet location where the only noise you will hear is the river and the local wildlife, it is an ideal place to rest and unwind.

Tourists as they set off for Gorilla Trekking

As well as being less than 5 minutes (by car) from gorilla trekking there are a number of other trips you can arrange through Ruhondeza Lodge & Camp Site such as visiting the Batwa (pygmy) village or a forest walk to the waterfall. Gad has years of experience in organizing these treks and knows the forest like his own back garden. Or you might choose to sit under a tree near the river to while away a few hours.

A look at our precious dinning

There is a café on site serving breakfast, simple lunch (packed to go if you prefer) and evening meal. Toilets are all western style with water flush and there are cold water showers. And most importantly – it’s the best value in Buhoma!

Twin room (120 USD Fullboard)

Ruhondeza:  (SilverBack) he was the family leader of the Mubare gorilla group. The name Ruhondeza refers to a sleepy head. He was the first silverback to be seen by tourists in 1993 when tourism had started in the Bwindi Impenetrable national Park.


Double room (100 USD Fullboard)

Kanyonyi:  (Black Back) Son to Ruhondeza, The name Kanyonyi was given to him because he was born besides a river called Kanyonyi. He inherited the family leadership from his father Ruhondeza after his death shortly after turning into a silverback.

Bidding farewell, posing for a photo with our visitors

Twin room (120 USD Fullboard)

Muyambi:  (Black back) Son to Ruhondeza. The name Muyambi means “The helper” Muyambi separated from his Ruhondeza family when his brother Kanyonyi took over the leadership. He deserted and up to now lives a wondering life in the forest of Bwindi impenetrable national park.


(Camping Ground) (10 USD Not Fullboard)

Kashundwe:  Adult female. The name Kashundwe was given to her because she had Permanent oats on her face. She was a wife to Ruhondeza whom he produced the sons with like Muyambi and Kanyonyi. She recently died at an old age leaving a strong legacy of the strongest Gorillas in the Bwindi impenetrable National Park.


(Family Banda) (150 USD Fullboard

The serene Double bed in Malaika Banda

Malaika: (Adult Female) Daughter to Ruhondeza. Malaika means “Engel”. Because of her tender behaviors, she was crowned the name Malaika. All the other wives of Ruhondeza died a natural death and Malaika took on the role as the mother of the family, taking care of the little brothers and all the other Orphans.

Gorilla trekking can be very tough. So its important to have a good rest before and after the gorilla trekking in bwindi impenetrable forest. Our lodge have good beds and nice hot showers, this will help you to go fit on your gorilla trekking in bwindi impenetrable forest.

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