Cook it

Learn How to Cook Authentic African Dishes

(cook it, eat it)

Cook It and Eat it

At Ruhondeza Lodge and Campsite, you can learn how to cook traditional dishes of the Bakiga tribe. Wander through our Vegetable gardens, pick and dig your choice of vegetables and herbs then set to work with the skillful chef in our kitchen.

Nkwenda is just adjacent the beautiful Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – home to most of the World’s mountain gorillas – is a community soaked in tradition and culture.  Experience real Uganda by joining our very own chef in his kitchen and cook:

  1. Kalo Bread made from locally grown millet:  You will use a milling stone to make the flour for the bread yourself.
  2. G-nut (groundnut) sauce – the favorite pink sauce found all over Uganda;
  3. Matoke (green banana) – prepare it, wrap it and watch it cook on the fire;
  4. Goat’s meat roasted then boiled
  5. Irish potatoes (Emondi) Un-peeled and boiled for your delicious desire
  6. Local fresh Juice cocktail made from (Passion fruit, Pawpaw and mangoes)
  7. And the local brew drink, Obushera, made from sorghum, millet, honey and water.

Cooking with us is a perfect way to spend a couple of spare hours around your gorilla trekking plans or if you are not trekking why not spend more time with us and learn to Dance, Weave or Sew?

Plus you can have a nature walk along the Munyaga River Stream that flows along Ruhondeza Campsite and grab a chance to see spectacular birds and end with a cave experience.

On your way back, pass by the coffee plantation and harvest some coffee beans which you will prepare a cup of coffee for yourself.


FEE: $20

INCLUDES: Enjoying all of the delicious food you have prepared yourself, in the beautiful new dining room.


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